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 A revolutionary approach

Our team believes that the development of new biomedical technologies that start from the real needs and from the analysis of the environmental-cultural context, can reduce the gap in health care that exists between the countries of the world.

In the era of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the health care discrepancy between countries is no acceptable.

To satisfy the SDG3, Corax wants to fight the critical components of public health, in particular with objective 3.2 to prevent infant mortality.

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the burn crisis

Every year there are 11 million of serious burns

95% in low-middle income countries

70% are children under 5 years old


Every day 20,000 children burn themselves with open flames and boiling liquids


journeys to reach the reference hospitals are too long and on unsuitable vehicles


the main causes of death are infections caused by the treatment of burns in unhealthy environments


bandages and  antibiotics are too expensive and often unavailable


corax life box - an armor to protect the defenseless

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Corax Lifebox is an innovative, flexible and lightweight incubator that allows the treatment and safe transportation of patients with severe burns. It creates an aseptic and controlled micro-environment, reproducing in a transportable and low-cost device the features of a room of Burn Intensive Care Unit (BICU)  .

The flexible part is washable and there are no disposables, solving the problem of supplies and disposal.

Our device controls the chemical and physical properties of the air, temperature, humidity and integrating a washing system for lesions, this technology prevents infections that are the main cause of death.

Preventing infections means reducing the need for antibiotics and preventing the risk of contracting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

This type of environment avoids the need for dressings and bandages, reducing the costs of materials and staff , as well as allowing a less painful.

Corax Lifebox is a versatile device that can be used to prevent infections in all those patients with low immune defenses.

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